How to Get Rid of Vultures

Being harmless is the most known characteristic of the vultures. Vultures are the birds' species belonging to the family of birds that prey by scavenging. Vultures are divided into further two types such as;

  • Old world vultures: These kinds of vultures are present on the plains of Africa, found scavenging on the dead carcasses of animals.
  • New World vultures: They are found in California and Mountains of the Andes which are located in the west of South America.

Keeping the vultures away:

Several steps could be followed to get rid of the vultures creating troubles for you:

Decoys of hawks or owls:

Like many other birds, vultures are afraid of owls and hawks as well. The presence of these two can be an effective method of keeping the vultures away. Although, the real presence of these two birds will also be a problem so installing a decoy of them two at the places you want to keep free from vultures could help you.

Make their roosting unfeasible:

After wandering here and there in the search of their prey for the whole day long, vultures always need a place to roost at the nights. If vultures once find their roosting place anywhere, they will never forget that place, so making that place impossible for them to roost could make them move somewhere else.

Installing water scarecrows:

Water scarecrows are installed on the grounds, which detect the motion of any object when it enters the ground and automatically releases a shower of water from it. To get rid of vultures, a scarecrow should be installed near their roosting, so that whenever they come towards their roosting they get disturbed by those scarecrows and when this will happens every time they reach their homes so they will surely change their places.

Birds spikes:

Various birds� spikes should be installed on the places where the vultures are expected to appear. These spikes will make it very difficult for vultures to land on them because of their sharp surface. Vulture will feel troubled and could even get hurt by these spikes due to which they will don�t come again at the same place.

Disposal of carcasses of dead animals:

Vultures prey on the dead bodies of animals, as they are carnivores they feed most of them hungers with the meat or remaining of dead animals. So where ever there are dead animals, there will be vultures for sure. To keep these vultures away, the dead carcasses of animals should be removed timely.

Wildlife Professional pest controllers:

If the above-mentioned measures are not providing you with effective results, then the last option would be of a wildlife professional, who will provide you his services or could help you with their professional advice to keep these vultures away from you. 


Although, vultures don't bite or kill animals, but as they are carnivores and prey for their food, they could be dangerous for humans as well. So they should be avoided following any of the predefined methods to get rid of them.

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